Striped Kendrick Overalls

Striped Kendrick Overalls by Hey June Handmade

Have you ever made something that seems kinda crazy in your head, but when you actually finish the garment you realize it’s still kinda crazy?

Striped Kendrick Overalls by Hey June Handmade

Well, that’s what happened with my striped hemp and cotton Kendrick Overalls sans overalls.  And yet, I love them.  I love them with an irrational amount of love.  To be fair, I will acknowledge that a big amount of that love has to do with how comfortable they are.  But I also really love the muted black and white stripe that kinda makes me look like a clown dressed up as a railroad engineer.

Striped Kendrick Overalls by Hey June Handmade

A relatively neutral and reserved stripe pant may not seem that crazy to some of you, but it’s all relative, and this is coming from the girl who wears jeans and a solid tee/hoodie/button down every day.  I kept the fabric substrate within my comfort zone by picking a natural hemp/cotton fiber content.  I love that it feels just like linen, but is less prone to wrinkles, is totally opaque, and is more durable as well.  I also really love this silhouette and look forward to making more versions of these pants in solid colors.

Striped Kendrick Overalls by Hey June Handmade

The only thing I didn’t consider when I thought it would be good idea to make striped pants was what to wear with it.  Looking back, that kinda seems like it should’ve been consideration numero uno.  I really like them with my green sweater and desert boots like I’m wearing here, but beyond that I’m kinda stuck.  I’d like to try it with a graphic tee and sneakers.  Maybe even in public.  After a tequila shot or two.

Striped Kendrick Overalls by Hey June Handmade

Sweater and hat: Target

Pants: Kendrick Overalls view A without the straps

Fabric: Hemp & Organic Cotton from Blackbird Fabrics

Alterations: excluded straps, reduced rise by 3″

Boots: Clarks


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2 thoughts on “Striped Kendrick Overalls

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    October 22, 2018 at 1:04 pm

    These look fabulous! Love how you styled it! I think they would look great with a graphic tee! I’m also all about solids so these would be a stretch for me too.

  2. Reply
    October 22, 2018 at 2:26 pm

    I love them!! Super cute!

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