Below are the most frequently asked questions regarding Hey June Handmade. Please read them thoroughly before emailing, as most questions can be answered below. The most common answers are in bold.


  • Hey June Handmade was created and is maintained by Adrianna Appl.  Hey June runs on Mountain Standard Time and we are usually available via email from the hours of 9 am – 3 pm.  We also try to answer emails outside of these hours as we are available to do so.  Contact us via Adrianna@heyjunehandmade.com.  We do not respond to personal messages on Facebook.


  • All patterns are listed under the “pattern shop” tab.  From there you can choose between pdf patterns, free pdf patterns, gift cards, and paper patterns.
  • All patterns are clearly listed as pdf or paper patterns.  Be sure to purchase the correct one at checkout.
  • The blog contains pictures of all the patterns as they are released as well as several pattern hacks and alterations.


  • When you check out, you will automatically be redirected to Paypal.  This is for your financial protection.  Hey June Handmade does not store or have access to any financial information.
  • You do not have to have an account with Paypal to check out.  Simply use the “sign up” option at checkout to use your credit card, and then do not create an account when you are prompted.
  • Upon checkout, you will be redirected back to Hey June Handmade where you will see a link to download your pdf patterns.  You will also receive an email with the download link (check spam!)  However, the best way to access your patterns is always to download them directly from your account on the website.  If a pattern receives an update, the email links will no longer work.
  • If you do not immediately receive an email with the pattern download link, it means that Paypal is experiencing a backlog.  Your payment will go through, but Paypal is taking longer than normal to return that information to my website to trigger the product release.  If possible, please wait an hour or so before contacting me.  This is a common issue, especially around high retail periods like the holiday season.


  • You can access all previously purchased patterns under the “account” tab when you’re logged into your account.  If you purchased patterns before Oct 2015, please contact us to have them added to your current account: adrianna@heyjunehandmade.com
  • If you purchased a pattern from a third party vendor, you must access your patterns through that company.  We do not provide customer service for those purchases, nor can we add them to your account on the Hey June website.
  • Paper patterns will be shipped in 1 to 2 business days unless there is a website notice indicating otherwise.
  • Shipping labels are automatically generated from checkout, so please make sure your name and address are correct.


  • .Pdf patterns have evolved over the years, so depending on the product you purchase, they may appear different from one another.  Patterns released before summer 2017 will be delivered as a .zip file, which will contain the original pattern .pdf as well as a separated A0 size .pdf and copy shop .pdf.  Patterns released after that time will be 3 separate .pdf downloads.
  • .Zip files are simply a way to compress several files into one file.  If you are using a Mac, your .zip files will unzip automatically upon download (older operating systems may require you to double click on the .zip to unzip it.)  If you are using a PC, you will need to right click on the .zip and choose where you want to export the file.  Then when you open that file you’ll see the three .pdfs.  Rarely, older operating systems may not have a native unzipping software installed, so you may have to download an application such as WinZip to unzip your files.  Google is your friend here!  If you are printing at a public place like a library, you will need to unzip your files and save them to a thumb drive before taking them to be printed.


  • There are three ways to print your .pdf patterns.  First, you can simply print at home on letter or A4 sized paper.  Make sure that you check “actual size” and “auto portrait/landscape” on your printer settings.  Each pattern will then have instructions for trimming and taping your pattern together.
  • A0 format is a standard size of paper.  You can send these to pdfplotting.com to be printed for a very reasonable price.  Most patterns fit onto 2-3 A0 pages.  This option may not be available at your local US copy shop since it is not a size normally used in the US.
  • Copy shop format is 36″ wide and a continuous length.  Depending on the size of the pattern, this can be anywhere from 40 to 100 inches.  These are available to be printed at most US copy shops, but can be quite costly.  Be sure to get an estimate first (the printer will be able to see the length of the pattern for an accurate estimate) and make sure they have printed to scale before paying.  The Halifax Hoodie has been separated into 2 copy shop pages because of its length.
  • When printing at home, you can use the layers function to only print the size(s) you desire.  There are instructions in each pattern to do so.  There is also a print guide to help you only print the pages that you need for the size/view you will be making.  I’ve made this as easy as possible by making the numbers on the pattern pages correspond with the page number in the .pdf.  Do not be intimidated or leave negative reviews based on the number of pages within a pattern since you do not have to print all of them.  Our best advice is to only print the pattern pages you need and then follow the instructions on a computer or tablet.


  • The last photo in each pattern listing shows the “back cover” where you’ll find the size charts and required fabric and notions.
  • Upon release, each pattern also has a blog post showing tester versions where you can see each pattern on several different body types and made with different fabrics.  There is a link at the bottom of each listing that says “read more” to take you to the blog post.
  • Each listing also shows the hashtag associated with the pattern so you can look it up on Instagram to see dozens, or in some cases hundreds of versions of each pattern.
  • The seam allowance for each pattern is already included and stated at the top of the sewing instructions page.


  • These patterns are for personal home use only.  You may sell garments that you sew yourself with these patterns in your small shop.  You are not required to mention the pattern name or brand, but of course we appreciate it when you do.
  • .Pdf patterns have the same copyright rules as music and movies.  You may not share the file, copy it, or redistribute it.  If you do, you revoke all rights and your pattern access will be discontinued.  You will be removed from the FB group and your name will be distributed to a group of hundreds of pattern designers who will also block you from purchasing their .pdf patterns.  Depending on the extent of your theft, you will expose yourself to litigation.  Above all you will feel the eternal guilt of stealing from a small business run by a hard working woman who created a business from the ground up singlehandedly to help support her family.


  • Hey June Patterns are intentionally priced low to provide year-long value without a sale.
  • There are only two major site wide sales a year, never more than 20%.
  • You can always receive 20% off .pdf patterns when you purchase 3 or more by using the code “bundleup”.
  • There is always a featured pattern in the website footer that contains a 15% off code.  This pattern changes approximately seasonally and without notice.
  • Patterns in the clearance section are the oldest patterns and do not have the same updated formatting as current patterns.  While the drafting is sound, they do not have layers or copy shop sizes and the size lines are distinguished by color (though also clearly marked for b&w printing.)


  • Due to the high volume of requests for pattern donations, Hey June has become very limited in what it supports.  We do not contribute patterns for reaching a certain number of facebook group members.  We will only contribute patterns if a Hey June pattern is being used as part of the giveaway or celebration or for other limited situations.


  • We are happy to answer general questions about choosing the best pattern, fabric, and size, or any questions regarding garment construction or pattern hacks.  You do not have to purchase directly from my website to receive this type of customer support.  However, the best place for these types of questions is in the Hey June Patterns support group on Facebook.  Instead of a short text response from us, you’ll almost always receive answers from multiple people who have experience with your specific question and can show photo examples of their results.
  • Remember that searching goes a long way!  Try searching Google, the Hey June website, Instagram, and Facebook and you’ll most likely find the answer to your question before you even ask!
  • Finally, please read each pattern thoroughly before starting.  We spend weeks perfecting them and try to include as much information as possible within each pattern.  Even if you are a veteran sewist you may miss something important if you skip the intro and instructions.  As an example, several patterns have elements like binding instead of bands, and if you just sew without reading they will not fit.  We get dozens of emails asking why something isn’t working when a simple perusal of the pattern would’ve answered the question and solved the issue.  Reading is almost always the answer!