Greenpoint Cardigan: Battle of the Sexes

Great googly moogly I think these two are my favorite Greenpoint Cardigans so far.  I’m not a super girly girl, but I can’t get enough of those floral appliques and pink trim.  I would say it’s my favorite, but then there’s that navy and gray and the anchor and the elbow patches…let’s call it a tie.DSC_000121
Things I did differently:  I added some trim in the sleeve seams.  It has the look of piping but it’s pipe-less.  The girl one is made from sweatshirt fleece and it sewed up like a dream.  This pattern really does well with stable knits.  Which leads me to the boy one, which is made entirely from rib knit (which I say not to do in the pattern, but I did anyway) and it was not as fun to sew.  Still easy, but it was nearly impossible to keep the seams from curling. DSC_000711
I also added some fun to the back of the girl one, and some elbow patches for the boy.DSC_00221
Speaking of that boy, a big shout out to my neighbor’s son who was such a good sport to model for me (and hello – gorgeous!).  True story: I asked if he could wear jeans, and it turned out he didn’t own any.  I love this climate.  I am so screwed when we get back to a place with winter.  At least I’ll get to go on major shopping sprees for my kids, who also own zero or one pair of jeans (with holes in the knees).
Love these kiddos.collage41

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