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I got to try out the new 5 & 10 Jacket eBook! I made this jacket last Thursday, but of course I’m just now getting around to photographing and blogging it. We had a competition this weekend to see how many places we could go and how many things we could do in 48 hours. We were the winners and the losers in that little game.DSC_0006 (1)

Just like the first volume, this 5 & 10 ebook includes one basic pattern, and 10 tutorials that show you how to alter that pattern to make 10 different jackets! I really love this style of track/bomber jacket…not sure if there’s an official name for it. I knew I wanted to use a quilted fabric like in the tutorial, so I went to Joanns and the only thing I remotely liked was this floral. I will say that it is growing on me. I took a big risk making it for my oldest daughter because she’s not usually a floral girl, but she’s the only one who needed a light jacket. Plus now I can hand it down to the full extent of hand me downs, score!DSC_0010

I only made a couple changes to the tutorial. I lengthened the pockets so she could stick her hands in them. The tutorial version does have pocket bags but they are pretty shallow for an 8 yr old. I also had to take an inch off my ribbing piece because it was too wide for the bottom of the jacket. The tutorial has you add 1″ for seam allowances, but my piece fit perfectly without the added seam allowance. I also made the collar 1.5 inches wide (before seam allowances) instead of 3. I physically couldn’t make it 3 inches wide without it becoming a full quarter circle, so I just drew it to look like the one in the pictures, and that ended up being 1.5 inches. I think it turned out perfectly and can’t imagine the collar being any wider, so if you make this pattern, just keep in mind that you can make the collar a different width if necessary. Actually, that’s the beauty of the whole ebook – you have plenty of room to maneuver if you want to change anything up, add a couple features, or leave some off. Just be advised that these are true tutorials, not full patterns, so if you don’t have any experience drafting you might have a little bit of a learning curve. But each tutorial has very clear instructions on how to draft the necessary pieces, so this might be the perfect tool to get you started in drafting.DSC_0014

My daughter’s face in all of these pictures is brought to you by the temperature 40.DSC_0016

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